Doctor of International Law


     Dr. Cameron is a consultant, law professor and education administrator.  Recently, serving as Director of the International Law Center (国际法中心主任) and Distinguished Foreign Professor (海外名师)at Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, School of Law (上海对外贸易学院法学院) and as International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Event Chair and Co-Chair International Services Committee for the American Red Cross Bay Area.  He is a legal expert working for United Nations organizations and projects in several countries including Red Cross, UNDP, UNWTO and UNESCO.  He has clerked for several years at Anolik Law Office in San Francisco, and works in Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, and Europe. He specializes in internet, intellectual property, telecommunications, jurisprudence, international humanitarian law and international travel law. Through his work, he promotes the free and peaceful movement of people, products, and production. He is on International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocate's (IFTTA) Board of Directors, and is its Executive Vice President, former Chairman of the Communications and Technology Committee, and on the Editorial Board of the Travel Law Journal, and other tourism law journals. He is the founder of the Space Travel Law Association (STELA) and the International Institute of Technology and Humanity (IITH). 

      He completed his S.J.D. Doctorate in International Law (with honors), and earned his LL.M. Masters in International Law (with honors), and an Intellectual Property Certificate (with distinction), and J.D. Law Degree and a Certificate of International Law (with distinction) from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, USA. Dr. Cameron completed law programs at Oxford University, England; Temple University, Tokyo, Japan; Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand; Paris X Nanterre, France; The Hague Academy of International Law, The Netherlands; and Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Cameron has degrees in Philosophy, Asian Studies, World Religions, and Persian Language. 

     Dr. Cameron co-authored “The Law and the Travel Industry, 5th Edition,”, and is a Contributor to “Traveler’s Rights - Your Legal Guide to Fair Treatment and Full Value,” “Travel 9-11” and “The Frequent Traveler’s Guide.” He has taught/co-taught courses in Travel and Tourism Law, Space Law, Sustainable Development, Global Markets, US Legal Studies, Intellectual Property, Technology, Democratization of Information, Risk and Crisis Management, and other subjects, at San Francisco State University, San Francisco Law School, and Beijing International Studies University, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade and other universities.  Dr. Cameron has consulted with academic, private and government organizations all over the world, most recently, since 2008, in Cancun, Mexico; Beja, Portugal; Tenerife, Spain; Buenos Aries, Argentina; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Kampala, Uganda; and other places. Dr. Cameron served as “Dean, Special Projects” at RCCC, the college of his hometown in North Carolina, USA.  He regularly speaks at travel conferences and leads working groups.