Global Projects - Contracts Manager


I have more than 15 years’ experience managing projects, programs and contracts as a global expert working for international organizations, education institutions, and law offices. With my experience in high technology contracts, international business, and lifetime passion for team building, I can successfully lead your organization.

I am very experienced in executive consulting, government administration, and corporate compliance, as well as, administrative and regulative requirements for multinational IP and IT agreements.  I have managed all facets of international labor, technology, intellectual property, online, and telecom contracts. I have drafted, managed and negotiated franchise and IP licensing contracts for clients throughout the EU and Asia including: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and other countries. My job duties have required due diligence financial and organizational research, as well as, intellectual property, entertainment, telecommunications and environmental law work. I regularly work to analyze complex multi-cultural situations, across regions and countries and routinely implement partnership building solutions. I have written and managed policies and procedures, assisted with FBI Cybercrimes and data privacy investigations, drafted risk and crisis management procedures, and implemented action plans for my organization’s compliance. Presently, in addition to working for a Silicon Valley Law Office, I am a Visiting Professor of Law at Beijing International Studies University in China. I am known to negotiate win-win solutions that benefit my client and preserve lasting business relationships for the parties involved, always enabling my client and partners to bolster product development and distribution.

I manage and lead teams of private and government organizations members, as well as, lecture internationally on the subjects of multinational contracts, science, technology, tourism, global studies and international law in numerous countries all over the world. Most recently, since 2008, in Cancun, Mexico; Beja, Portugal; Tenerife, Spain; Buenos Aries, Argentina; Beijing, China; and other places. Tokyo is like a second home to me, and I am very familiar with Beijing, Seoul, Paris, Madrid and other cities. I have attorney and professional colleagues in every major world city, that I often consult with, and that come to me for advice and expertise.

I am known as a good manager and team player. Those that I supervise in global studies education, have recently nominated me for a leadership award. My teams consist of organization members from across departments and organizations, including management, legal, finance, marketing, global affairs, and compliance. I am consulted to identify areas for further development, network with and organize other likeminded organizations and governments’ agencies, and prepare proposals for adoption by international organizations and governments to implement domestically.



To manage global projects to improve company relations with various governments’ agencies, and lead a multicultural team focused on developing and delivering the best products in the world.



15+ years’ experience as international and multicultural team leader in worldwide locations. Taught technology and travel law in California law schools, in China, in Japan, the EU, and have been a guest lecturer in many countries. Cultural IQ, multicultural sensitivity, adept at motivating and energizing diverse cross-functional teams as a key resource, critical thinker, and out-of-the-box problem solver.

Accomplished, perceptive and professional with a Doctorate of International Law (S.J.D., LL.M., and J.D.) focusing on high technology and international cultural development. Proven success in leading large and small groups, meeting and exceeding company achievement goals, as well as, building and establishinglasting global partnerships between various business, government, professional and education organizations.



  • High level of multinational experience drafting, implementing, advising, and ensuring compliance with corporate policy, goals, strategy, and procedures
  • 10 years’ experience in licensing proposals review and recommendations
  • 10 years’ experience throughout Asia, Europe and North America conducting legal research on financial analysis, including due diligence, and legal review of potential new licensing opportunities and strategic partnerships in technology and travel areas.
  • 10 years’ experience negotiating and advising clients on licensing deals, and insuring their contractual compliance
  • 10 years’ experience managing all types of international IT and IP contracts consistently according to specifications and deadlines
  • 15 years’ experience regularly work with partners in Europe and Asia and very experienced traveller to these areas
  • Experienced in delivering results across multicultural teams; across global networks of corporate, government, education, and professional alliances
  • 10 years’ experience leading multicultural teams on marketing, international business development, legal, and IT and IP licensing
  • 15 years’ leading team to adapt and work to the local working environment and local anomalies and ensure full integration with cultural counterparts
  • Leader in Team Development – Promoted exceptional team building and group collaboration initiatives to maximize productivity, performance, innovation and creative development. Lead the revision, reconciliation, and implementation of modern policies and procedures utilizing technology. Talent to counsel, advise, encourage, interact with and develop peers, in all aspects of their personal development in order to achieve the aims of my company’s policy.


Additional competencies include– Team Leadership; Program/Project Management; Budget Management; Strategic Planning;Global Partnerships; Data Reporting; Cross-Cultural Relations; Grant Management; Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection; Presentations; Publications; Relationship Building; Collaborative Teamwork; Information Gathering; Research and Analysis; Information Technology; Database Management; Computer Security; Cybercrime Investigations; Social Media; Crisis Management; Risk Analysis and Mitigation.



Alexander Anolik Law Corporation, 2001-Present, San Francisco, CA         

Financial and organizational research, Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Environmental Law, Envirotech / Greentech Technology Transfers from China, France and US: solar panels and air purification, Advertising, copyright and the legal protection of traditional knowledge in the digital age, Cross cultural negotiation of IP disputes and e-commerce law, Managed cases for Internet Purchases, Online Contracts, and web based International Travel, Registered and litigated Trademarks and Copyrights, Managed travel, tourism, and technology transfers for the Space Travel Law Association, Drafted contracts for Internet, Satellite, and Cable purchases for travel services

Counsel and support the lead attorney with diverse issues involving international Cruise Lines, Airlines, Motor Coaches, Rental Car, Hotels, Travel Industry Associations, Government Tourism Entities, Trade Associations, Adventure Operators, Tour Operators, and Travel Agents litigation. Researched, authored, and submitted expert witness briefs, pleadings, settlement offers, contracts, and medical damages claims. Served as the Editor of travel law texts and Author of various Travel Law articles and Developer of International Travel law websites.

Pegasus International Law Office, Kaneko Law Office,and Temple University Japan, Bangkok, Phuket and Tokyo2002 and 2004

Oversaw all facets of ASEAN, Thai, and Japanese Intellectual Property and Telecom cases. Drafted franchise, IP licensing, and contracts for clients in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and British Virgin Islands. Successfully prepared online contracts, international marriages and divorces, real estate purchases, wills, and international legal research, as well as developing legal education websites.



  • Beijing International Studies University, Law and Politics School, Visiting Professor, Beijing, 2007-Present, USA Legal System, China-USA relations, Travel and Heritage Law
  • Monterey Continuing Legal Education for the Bar – MCLE, California, 2007-present
  • San Francisco Law School, Travel Law, ABA elective course, San Francisco, 2006
  • San Francisco State University, Hospitality Law, San Francisco, 2003-2005, Co-lecturer Alexander Anolik
  • Aeon, Tokyo, 1999-2000, English Language Teacher
  • Kannapolis City Schools of North Carolina, Kannapolis, North Carolina, 1995-1996, Teacher 
  • Rowan Cabarrus Community College (RCCC), 2010-Present, Dean of Special Projects
  • University of North Carolina World View Program, 2010-Present, Community College President, Board, Elected Officer
  • Global Learner Consortium, North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS), 2010-2011, Officer



  • United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO – Outside Expert, Madrid 2007-present
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural Organization UNESCO – Expert Working Group- Paris 2007-present
  • The U.S. Congressional Travel & Tourism Caucus (CTTC) International Travel and Tourism Law Reports 2008
  • Additional work with China, Japan, Thailand, California, Italy, EU, and other governments



11 years’ project planning/management experience– Working with Commercial Contract Management concepts, practices and procedures. Strategic initiatives program development, project coordination and management. Manages day-to-day operational aspects of the program. Global Single Point of Contact for interfacing with project teams to facilitate progress on Contracts Department global strategic initiatives. Manages expectations and balances the needs of company and client to ensure satisfaction for relevant parties. Strong Communication Skills. Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Strong organization skills to balance and prioritize work. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Inspire honesty, integrity, and pride in co-workers for their project.

Establishment – Creates and implements complex project definitions, schedules, budgets, and objectives for large sized and multiple projects of high complexity. Tracks and manages costs, schedules and quality control by overseeing project deliverables. Ensures schedule and budget are met.

Risk and Crisis Management – Oversees the ongoing review of project(s) status; proactively anticipates and identifies risks. Develops, recommends and implements risk mitigation solutions and implements as appropriate. Determines need for and impact of changes in scope, schedule and/or direction of projects and makes and implements recommendations based on determinations.

Budgets, Funding, Grants– Prepares and recommends operating and personnel budgets for approval. Approves and disapproves budgets of those mananged. Monitors spending for adherence to budget, and recommends variances as necessary. Knowledge of project management methodology concepts: Catalyst, budget development, project planning, control and assurance methodologies, project management software, and relevant finance and accounting concepts and practices.

Team Formation and Development– Gains concurrence, approval, and consensus from stakeholders regarding the various project aspects, and then adjusts accordingly. Identifies appropriate resources and staffs projects. Determines need for additional resources and implements in timely manner. Organizes project team(s) members to ensure communication and understanding of deadlines, assignments and objectives. Acts as the point of contact to project stakeholders and executive management.

Team Management– Works in conjunctions with team members and stakeholders to proactively anticipate and manage changes to projects, such as but not limited to, technical requirements, business requirements and schedule. Understanding of all of the various processes outlined in the CCM and corporate policy manuals and how they support one another (including regional differences), as well as how such policies impact ongoing projects and programs. Able to lead with new policies, and act outside of established policies as necessary. Identifies or gathers information (internally and externally) regarding possible solutions that may create additional, different or unique project objectives or results.

Personnel Manager–15 years’ experience in managing personnel. Leadership skills to select, develop, mentor, reward and discipline employees. Trains and evaluates employees to enhance their performance, development, and work product. Addresses performance issues and makes recommendations for personnel actions. Motivates and rewards employees including providing salary increases, bonuses and promotions within allocated budgets and company guidelines. Strong human relations skills to select, develop, mentor, discipline and reward employees.

Committee Chair and Working Group Leader– Responsible for coordinating and setting up all project meetings, reviewing minutes, storage, distribution and communication of information. Selects and hires employees. Responsible for all web and conferencing setup for project teams and meetings.

Knowledge Management (KM) and Project Metrics–15 years’ expereince to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. Manages company and project team expectations for agreed upon project performance by obtaining and providing project metrics and reporting as required. Responsible for posting all relevant data to appropriate databases, ensuring that the integrity of the upload was complete and reconciled, and appropriate information is communicated to global Contracts and Commercial Managers (CCM) community. Experience with productivity and methodology tools that increase project efficiency and effectiveness.

Mentoring, Teaching, Instructing– Responsible for development, coordination, setup, and creation of web-based lessons learned forums, web 2.0 online communities, and social networks. Working with internal and external assets as necessary to bring forums to fruition.

Strong Presentation and Proposal Skills– Develops and makes presentations that could lead to expanded business opportunities. Participates in proposal efforts to enhance opportunities for future business deals. Coordinate and lead team meetings, gain closure of actions and ensure proper level of communications both internally within the program and externally outside the program. Technically competent with MS Office products with special emphasis on MS Project and Powerpoint, including expertise preparing innovative and compelling presentations, that are globally appraised. Strong personal computer and business solutions software skills.

Writing, Journals, Newsletters– Content development, coordination and preparation of the global department newsletter. Routinely, study learning resources to keep abreast of recent industry, contracting, and technology trends, as well as, write, publish, and give presentations.



Technology for Humanity– using technology to improve business and society. Describing and implementing procedures that the public and non-technologist understands and can digest the benefits. Recently, began working with technology databases and Systems, Applications and Products as a military intelligence linguist with a TSSCI security clearance at the Defense Language Institute of Monterey. Experienced with Customer Relationship Management, CRM tools help to add value to business by streamlining operational processes and business functions. The key focus is towards retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and thereby maximizing profitability. Utilizes CRM solutions to help to safely store volumes of customer data in an organized easy-to-access manner, by analyzing this data to determine individual customer behavior, analyze preferences and provide one-to-one services to maximize customer satisfaction, and then using this customer-centric approach to augment customer loyalty and increase their value to SPX and its affiliates. Utilized systems similar to SAP – Systems, Applications and Products, ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning.

Cybercrimes and Telecommunications Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions– Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Cybercrimes and different cybercrimes investigation teams in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities. Airline ticketing technology crimes with card numbering ARC, IATAN, IATA, OSSN, TRIPP. Through The International Institute of Technology and Humanity (IITH) and other organizations, contracting Information Technology Services since 1996 including: consulting for penetration testing, firewalls, encryption, IT security audit, Systems/Engineering, databases, php, sql, html, web design, network administration, security, social media, multimedia, video and audio, telecommunications, advanced office procedures.

Cyber-security, Crisis Management and Risk Management– Advises many companies about their technology recommending compliance with various laws, as well as contracting work with United Nations Organizations, and lectured at universities and conferences across the world. Freedom of Information Act, legal status of electronic communication, file sharing, screen scraping, aggregation, data mining, linking, framing, trademarks, patents, service marks, Ecommerce Rights.

Remote Sensing, Satellite, Space Law– Worked with space technology law, including space tourism law, rocket launch liability, space exploration and rights contracts, Space-based solar power (SBSP), based light sensors, remote sensing, astronomy, lighting regulations, and other technologies.

Military Intelligence – United States Army, Monterey, California 1996-1998 – Linguist, team supervisor, and office manager. Top Secret Security Clearance, Secret Compartmentalized Information 1996-1998



J.D.Juris Doctorate, Law Degree 7/2003; LL.M., 7/2004; S.J.D., Doctor of Juridical Science of International Legal Studies- Golden 7/2007 - Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, California, 7/2003; Honors: International Law Certificate with distinction

Diploma in Persian language – Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California, 2/1997

B.A. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, magna cum laude, with honors, Minor in International Studies, Asian Concentration; Second Minor in World Religious Studies, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, 5/1994; Honors

Several additional Educational and Training programs at various locations worldwide



  • English, Fluent; Japanese, Intermediate speaking and writing skills; Persian, Basic
  • French, Basic; Spanish, Basic; Latin, Basic



  • Keynote and Frequent Speaker at International Conferences– since 2001 in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and North Africa
  • Books, Chapters, Articles, Journal Editor and Writing Judge – since 2001



Red Cross Volunteer – Disaster Relief Assistant Coordinator, Salisbury, North Carolina, 1995-1996

Red Cross Volunteer – Disaster Action Team, National Capital Region, Washington, DC, 2011

Organizer – Religious Tolerance Symposium, Greenville, North Carolina, 1994



Manages company travel and programmatic budgets, department travel and transportation, employment and subcontracting providers. Extensive travel throughout the United States,the European Union, China, Japan, Thailand; lectured in South America, North Africa. Several years’ experience living outside of USA. Frequent traveler and resident in Japan since 1998.



Yoga, avid RPG and WoW gamer, Aikido, obi tying, golf, chess, travel, foreign food, karaoke