Global Studies Administrator

My experience, know-how, and connections can assist your team in developing as a leading international center of higher education. 

International Education in Europe, Latin America and the Asia and Pacific region have been my specialty for nearly 20 years, since I was an undergraduate student.  I have lived and worked in Japan, China, and Thailand and visited so many other countries throughout the world.  

Based on my experience serving on the board of several global studies organizations including UNC World View; as Dean, Special projects at Rowan Cabarrus Community College (RCCC); as an ESL instructor at Aeon in Tokyo; as Visiting Professor of Law at Beijing International Studies University (BISU); and professor at other institutions, I can help lead your global education program.  My legal knowledge of EU, South America, Asia, China, Thailand, Japan and US education will also be of benefit to your institute.  My administrative experience includes:

  • Education Leadership at provincial, national, regional, and international levels
  • Global Organizations Leadership for law, education, corporate, government, and international organizations including United Nations organizations – UNESCO and UN-WTO
  • Japan, China, Thailand, Iran, and USA educator working experience
  • Leader of diverse teams whose members come from all professions and nationalities
  • Partnership builder with relevant global institutions in business, education, and government

I have worked and lived in Japan, China, and Thailand regularly since 1999 and have become very familiar with the culture, language, and way of living in Asia.  As a law professor in China, teacher in Japan, and administrator of global studies programs, I am experienced with Asian higher education systems and am very familiar with the needs of students, faculty, and staff throughout Asia. I studied law at Keio University and Temple University Japan, where I also worked as a media-online law developer.  I have done contract research for a Ginza based Japanese law firm, Kaneko Law Offices, on matters of international and comparative law, and similar work for lawyers in China. 

I feel that the greatest part of international education is connecting with others across borders and being able to help and learn from, many different people.  I enjoy building cross-cultural bridges that are financially sustainable and educationally enriching, so I welcome the chance to build more of these connections with your institute.

Global Studies Organizations’ Leader

Through consulting with various UN organizations, I have region based experience in Asia, Europe, South America and other territories.  This has developed my knowledge of the U.S. higher educational system, and given me experience with the education systems of China, Japan, EU and other jurisdictions and regions including: Erasmus Mundus Programme European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, Confucius Institute, MEXT of Japan, Association for the Development of Education in Africa ADEA, Association of American Schools in South America AASSA, International Education Institute IIE, and EducationUSA.

As a board member of The Global Learner Consortium, and UNC World View, our teams foster student mobility between the United States and other countries.  Our campus Global Connections group and the state based Global Learner Consortium established online classrooms with web based student exchanges and online education with real time video and multimedia.  I am presently setting up a similar website for our College Tech Prep grant, joining high schools and secondary schools online in the USA and other countries.  Through the Global Learner Consortium, I have reviewed successful Fulbright Scholarship applications and programs.

Over the past 10+ years, I have lectured on the subjects of US legal education, Japan, China, Asia, science, technology, tourism, global studies and international law at numerous universities and consulted with private and government organizations all over the world, most recently, since 2008, in Cancun, Mexico; Beja, Portugal; Tenerife, Spain; Buenos Aries, Argentina; Beijing, China; and other places.  I am on the editorial board of several international journals, and administer several global websites, which include newsletters, publications, movies, Google groups, blogs, and social media content.  This includes keeping current information on members of different organizations for which I serve as an officer or on the board of directors.  I am a regular contributor to UN government organizations and scholarly publications on the law of travel, including student and faculty mobility.  This includes my giving several presentations a year in many different countries to experts from government, corporate, law profession, education, news media, and UN organizations audiences.  

My legal background has always proven useful for organizations that I work for to help ensure compliance with government standards.  My first job in a boutique Silicon Valley law office, was advising on website requirements, site usage, and contract standards.   I have experience drafting university and corporate policy and procedures and the ability to read and interpret documents such as contracts, policy and procedure manuals and write complex reports and correspondence.

College Dean

In my current position, as Dean, Special Projects, I regularly conduct program development, course assessment, recruitment, hiring, managing, instructor evaluation, and personnel review.  This position is a replacement position for the previous duties of the Associate, Vice President. As Dean, I developed and managed, among other grants, a $1.8 million Title III grant to establish an advising center for guidance, training, and quality assurance for our college professors and students.  Also in this capacity I manage travel and programmatic budgets, department employment, and subcontracting.

My background as college Dean; as Vice President of the International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates (IFTTA) - an organization of travel law professors and government officials from more than 45 countries; and serving as Community College President of UNC World View; along with other global studies organizations for different educational systems, has given me much experience promoting student and faculty exchanges.  In these roles, I regularly provide assessment, direction, training, and quality control for our programs.  I also regularly work with various government agencies, embassies, consulates, and chambers of commerce through global projects.

International Administrator

I will contribute to the growth of global studies for your institute, as well as, maintain and build up the organization’s brand to fellows in the region, and the international community, while advancing its accreditation standards.  I have more than 15 years’ experience as a global studies expert working for international law offices, as a practitioner, as a research scholar, United Nations consultant, a United States government employee, and as an international law professor.  I also have experience leading culturally diverse and internationally minded students and professionals, like the educators, students and faculty at your institution.

My work over the past 15 years in these disciplines has honed my cross-cultural and communications skills so I can best facilitate a “global meeting of the minds” on Asian projects I manage.  I am very familiar with the customs, religion, history, politics, and norms of Asian countries. My training to become a fit for your institute began in 1990 with my Asian studies minor, with a second minor in World Religions, and a BA degree in philosophy including a study of Asian philosophy, history, literature and art.  My law office includes work with cultural tourism in the EU, South America, China, UN work with Japanese culture, and also many Asian hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, travel agents clients.  My S.J.D. doctorate in international law is the result of years of study at universities in Asia.  Through IFTTA and UN-WTO, I advise the Chinese government on tourism laws. Tokyo is like a second home to me. I am very familiar with that city and Beijing is becoming more familiar to me as well as. Paris, Madrid, and London have become very familiar to me through my work. I lived in Bangkok when I studied law there and I also worked in an intellectual property law office in Bangkok and Phuket.  I have a working knowledge of these countries’ law and legal systems, including education practices. I have many friends and colleagues in Asia, and am accustomed to working in situations where I am the only Caucasian at the meeting, and normally the only native English speaker.

As your programs grow, my connections in leading international study abroad and education programs, as well as public relations experience with education, technology, travel, tourism and international law will help ensure the continued success of your institution as a global education leader.  I regularly receive offers for grant partnerships from like-minded universities from so many different countries, and my experience in partnering, leading, writing and managing these opportunities will be of benefit to your team.